Garden Rooms Old Trafford

Garden Rooms Old Trafford


As a stand-alone building, a garden room gives separation from the distractions of home creating a space to relax, focus and get creative. 

Garden offices, studios and gyms tend to be some of our most popular uses, but as a blank canvas, your garden room can become whatever you need it to be!

Fully insulated, with heating and double-glazing as standard, a GROC garden room is ready to use all-year-round.

  • Planning permission usually not required
  • Building control sign off is not required
  • Often Installed in just under a week 
  • No hidden costs with all of the ‘essentials’ included in the price
  • Minimal disruption to your home life
  • Foundations/base installation and levelling included in the price
  • Fully installed by our in house team 
  • Versatile use cases.
Garden Rooms Old Trafford
Garden Rooms Old Trafford

the ultimate space for almost any use...

With our garden rooms being so versatile, they make for the perfect home offices or garden cinemas. Whether you’re a film fanatic, or you just want extra space to get cosy and enjoy your favourite classics – we have the perfect space for it.

We hold your hand throughout the entire process from concept through to construction. Efficiency and value engineering is at the very core of what we do which is why we will always recommend the very best options that align with your vision. We build Garden Rooms Cheshire and UK wide.

Custom Designed for you
Wide range of solutions
Garden Rooms Cheshire
Limitless options

Each and every garden room build is completely unique and designed according to your vision.


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